Monday, 1 March 2010

San Francisco & Heavenly (Lake Tahoe) by Cheryl Locke

Upon deciding to spend our first Christmas away from home, the ski slopes of Heavenly on the Californian side of Lake Tahoe beckoned. A short pre-Christmas stop in San Francisco en-route was a great decision. San Francisco in December was fantastic! An enormous lit and decorated Christmas tree and an open-air ice skating rink in Union Square, created a most wonderful atmosphere, not to mention a superb evening activity for the whole family! A 3-day open-top bus pass was a worthwhile purchase and allowed us to see the entire city at leisure, and coupled with the fact we had fantastic sunshine, we were even able to use the open top!
The drive from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe (with a detour taken to visit the ancient Redwood forest at Muir Woods) was a long one (over 4 hours).
I would recommend that the journey is done in daylight hours as the roads into Tahoe were quite nerve-wracking in the dark - as we found out!
The view across the lake and mountains the following morning was worth the journey! Straddling the border of California and Nevada, and located on the shore of Lake
Tahoe, Heavenly is of inspiring scenic beauty. The ski school at Heavenly proved very good and the standard of tuition received was excellent. Our children were booked into Heavenly Children's Ski and Snowboard School which offered an introduction to skiing or snowboarding through to advanced coaching. Full-Day sessions include clinic, lift access, rental equipment, helmet & lunch for children ages 4-13.
I recommend Heavenly as a ski resort and would definitely suggest a stop in San Francisco.

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