Thursday, 11 July 2013

Travel Trade Crusade 2013 - Day One, Thursday 10th July

The car had the magnetic signs fixed to the side, the blow up doll was blown up and safely in the back seat - Keevil's Independent Traders were ready to roll! The "Only Fools and Horses" Themed car, together with all three occupants, said goodbye to the daughter and the dog (both of whom seemed a bit embarrassed to be seen with a nude lady made of plastic)and set off for the first leg of the journey to Dover for the P&O ferry to Calais. A trouble free drive saw us in Dover spot on our checking in time - 11.35am for a 12.05pm ferry. The French Customs Officer gave us a sidewards look when we only produced two passports, but thought better of it than asking for a third. The French are quite open minded I think! The P&O check in lady told us we had a "sexy lady" in the back (perhaps she thought we hadn't noticed) and went into raptures of laughter. But then got quite serious and said the ferry was delayed for an hour and a half. Brightened her day though I think - she must have had some grumpy people blaming her for the delays that had been happening all morning. The time quickly went, and we were soon making our way onto the Pride Of Britain. We started the crossing in the Club Lounge with a lovely glass of champagne - thank you P&O for giving discounts on the crossing and giving a complimentary lounge pass for all of the Travel Trade Crusaders. The crossing was extremely calm, and we were off the other end in just over an hour. Must remember to drive on the right!! The short journey to the Novotel Suites in Calais was made simple with the help of the lovely lady from TomTom. No wrong turns, and Paul didn't shout at me once! Well perhaps once when my hand signal was just not good enough! We were one of the first teams to arrive - shortly after us came the Pussy Patrol, Barking Mad, Grand Priests, Formula Nuns and the Green Ladies (one of which is a man!). Pussy Patrol takes my vote as the best car so far! Can't wait to see all the other teams that are arriving during the evening - all ready for the off at 08.30am in the morning!

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