Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Prague by Annette Ross

With a journey time of just under 2 hours, Prague is an ideal weekend city break destination. To visit Prague is to be transported back into the heart of Europe in the late Middle Ages. Prague’s skyline is completely unspoilt — the only favour that communism provided was to
prevent any development, hence the lack of new buildings leaving its architectural legacy intact.
Prague is divided into two by the lovely River Vltava, the hilly left bank contains the castle and the imposing St Vitas Cathedral and Mala Strana full of 18th Century mansions, baroque gardens and narrow cobbled streets. The right bank—the Jewish quarter—is home to the graceful Old Town Square with its famous town hall clock which puts on a show at the striking of the hour.

Eating out is still cheap and Prague is renowned for its excellent beer and cheap wine. A beer is approximately 90p to £1.25 a litre. Prague has a rich and varied cultural life with links to
Mozart, Handel and Beethoven. It hosts a Spring Musical Festival in May, a Mozart Festival from mid-June to early July and an International Jazz Festival in October.

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